DRONA offers full-scale drone flight aerial video and photography services, including the development of virtual tours to accommodate those working off-site. We work with businesses and organizations of all sorts to capture content from above.



DRONA specializes in architectural drone video footage and photography. We work with everyone from contractors to property owners to film both interior and exterior shots of historical building and new construction alike.


Real Estate

We offer leading-edge, digital real estate drone services focused to aid the real estate sales markets in the midwest. Production of bespoke, visually-elegant, high-definition (HD) video & aerial cinematography.



DRONA will assist in a large variety of industrial applications. Our industrial services include aerial inspections of factory facilities, infrared roof inspections, land surveying, and damage inspections.



We specialize in Aerial video & photography for realtors, resorts, commercial & residential property, homeowners, golf courses, casinos, private investigators, accident investigators, insurance adjusters and more.



Have a sporting event or action event that you need drone footage for? No problem! We will come out and fly for camping trips, sports games, action events, and more.

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